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Cliff's Notes


Sorry folks but I couldn’t sit still any longer without throwing in my two cents about this swine flu fiasco. We’ve all been reading about how this is spreading and how schools have shut down for one case and travel is being considered restricted to certain areas. Why? Pandemic? The CDC has not convinced me. First the statistics are not there and second it’s the wrong kind of flu.

In the US we’ve had about 150 cases verified and literally all were mild cases with all but one recovering nicely. One hundred and fifty cases out of three hundred million people. Not a pandemic.

Second, the swine flu is a type of influenza that is usually spread through the respiratory route. That means someone coughing on you or something that you touch. It has a name, H1N1. Now some history.

In 1918 at the end of WW1, Europe was devastated. Disease and starvation were everywhere. Our troops were usually better fed than the European citizens, but they were still exposed to infection. A type of virus mutated to a form that allowed itself to be passed between people. When our soldiers were finally sent home, they came by a slow boat and packed shoulder to shoulder. This was an ideal place for any virus to flourish. Once they reached the US, spread of this virus was inevitable. When it was all over this flu (called the Spanish flu) caused the death of over a million people. Today we now know why they died. Some did die of the flu due to dehydration but with the use of IV’s today, we can replenish fluids easily. The vast majority of people who died did so from a bacterial infection called streptococcus. (the same one as strep throat). This attacked people with the flu who had lower defenses and caused a pneumonia. In 1918, antibiotics were just being developed and people died. Today that would not happen.

What virus infected everyone back then? H1N1. The same one as today. Now here’s the good part. What virus usually infects us with flu symptoms so we miss a day or so of work or school? You guessed it H1N1. In fact most influenza viruses are offshoots of the parent H1N1. They are mutants. Yes, viruses will mutate to survive. Why do you think that flu shot (which are completely worthless) allowed you to get the flu? The virus mutated from last years strain. In fact, hit the internet and find out how many people die each year of the “simple flu”. Believe me a lot more than this swine flu.

More history. Remember the “swine flu” of 1976? Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on a vaccine that was not only not needed because the flu subsided, but several hundred people had reactions to the vaccine and 25 died from it.

Why then the hype? There are drug companies salivating out there waiting for the opportunity to manufacture countless vaccines and make billions in profit. In addition current so called virus remedies like Tamiflu and Relanza are flying off the shelf. Still not convinced? Look at the side effects of Tamiflu. They are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, fatigue and dizziness. Aren’t these the same symptoms that the medication is trying to fix?

Now I am not pointing fingers nor will I begrudge anyone the opportunity to make a profit. I have a problem with them doing so using fear, based on a few questionable facts. Don’t get me wrong. There are viruses out there that are lethal. Even the regular old flu virus of today causes the death of many each year. My point is that the cure and the prevention are found in good old fashioned common sense. Vaccines themselves are risky and contain substances that are toxic to our bodies (remember last week’s toxic metal article?). Nostradamus was a physician in France during the “black plague”. His area was actually spared the ravages of the plague because he placed all the people in the region on rose hip tea which is an excellent source of vitamin C. Unfortunately he is better known for his predictions of the future and this piece of history was ignored.

What to do? Get enough vitamin D, C and omega 3 oils. Avoid all sugar and processed foods because it lowers your immune system. Use garlic in your diet. Get enough rest and drink plenty of fluids. Get off your duff and exercise. Find a source to release stress (exercise has always helped me but there are other ways.). Wash your hands. Herbal remedies like echinacea also work well. These are just a few. As always, talk about vaccines and alternative remedies with your own M.D. or D.O. You can come see us too at the Balance of Life Clinic where we can help boost your immune system naturally. Remember the smart health care consumer is informed and aware.

Clifford Sonnie, M.D., M.P.H. is a physician at the Balance of Life Clinic.

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