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Twenty Acids You Need

A while ago I wrote about the importance of proteins. I mentioned that they were important as a source of amino acids and were vital in our diet as we are unable to store proteins like we can fats and carbohydrates (some of us better than others). Well, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about these amino acids so I thought I’d talk about ’em today.

First, a tad bit of science, I promise....

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U.T.I. 101

Did you know that the most common cause of bacterial infections in the U.S. today is urinary tract infections (UTI)? In fact, about 1/3 of all women will have at least one UTI before their 24th birthday and once a woman contracts a UTI the chance of getting it again is 1 in 5. The frequency of a man contracting a UTI is much, much less. (Listen, it’s not a guy’s fault. God made us this...

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You Were Right Mom, Vinegar is Good for You.

When I was a kid, my mother used vinegar for everything. Cuts, house cleaning and in literally everything I ate. After I was on my own I vowed not to eat anything with vinegar again even though mom always said it was good for the digestion. Well, here I am now, advocating vinegar and proving the fact that our parents are not the out of touch, ignorant, brain-dead people that we all once thought. I...

Vitamin D: The Forgotten Vitamin

Vitamin D is like the kid in the movie “Home Alone”. Everyone knows it’s there and is a part of good health but no one knows exactly where it is or what it is doing. It’s only been in the past 5 or 6 years that vitamin D’s real value and requirements have been studied.

First of all, what does Vitamin D do? It’s pretty simple really. Vitamin D controls calcium and phosphorus...

To Vitamin or Not to Vitamin

Why should I take vitamins? It’s nothing more than another pill and all it will do is to give you expensive urine. I have heard this said by countless numbers of physicians and in fact, if you had asked me twenty years ago, I probably would have said the same thing. It’s what we were taught in school and it’s what we are taught in most health classes now. Is it true? Wellll, yes. But there is...

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What is all the fuss about cholesterol?

Every so often the news gets a hold of this and the advertisers plaster the TV about cholesterol. Seems to me that no one really knows what cholesterol is all about. After all the “normal” level has moved up and down so much since I was in medical school that it looks like a yo-yo. I wonder, did the level go down when a new cholesterol-lowering drug came out? Sorry, I digress.


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Why Water Should Be Your Friend

I first want to apologize for the absence of my articles the last few weeks. My son and I took an end of summer camping trip and my laptop was not among the required camping gear. In any case, I know I have spoken about the importance of water among several of my previous articles, and in this article I want to talk exclusively about it. I have told many of my patients that if God came down and told...

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