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Alternative Medicine in Medina, OH

Alternative medicine, also called integrative medicine, has become increasingly popular over the years. Even in places like Medina, Ohio, you’ll find several practitioners. At Balance of Life Clinic, we pride ourselves on being the local leaders in this exciting form of medicine.

Exactly What Is Alternative Medicine?

You might wonder why this approach to treatment is labeled “alternative.” While it is not intended as a replacement for conventional medical care, it can provide benefits and insights into your body that other methods can’t.

Integrative medicine focuses on honoring the wisdom of the body, bringing it back into balance so it can function at its best. Although there are different healing modalities under the “alternative” umbrella, they all share deep faith in the body’s proven healing power.

The body’s natural ability to heal is obvious from a baby’s first breath and continues throughout life. However, environmental stressors such as air pollution and food-based toxins can stress the body and inhibit its capabilities. This is where a complementary treatment method is useful.

How Does Alternative Medicine Work?

There are many forms of alternative care. Most consist of the application of some agent or force found in nature to the patient’s body in specific ways that are proven to be beneficial. For example, photo luminescent therapy consists of applying ultraviolet radiation intravenously.

This is the very same form of energy that comes from the sun and many other stars. When used correctly, it can increase oxygenation and promote healing in the body. This can prompt the release of proteins and other natural growth factors that accelerate injury recovery.

Countless other forms of alternative medication work in similar ways. The treatments are simple, safe and effective. Side effects are minimal and treatment can be discontinued at any time according at the patient’s request.

Can It Be Used Alongside Conventional Treatment?

Yes! In fact, it is very effective as a complementary treatment working alongside conventional care. Scientific medicine can be very useful for determining the nature of a health problem and monitoring results. Where it sometimes falls short, however, is in recognizing and acting on the subtle signals about health that the body can send.

To find out more, contact Balance of Life Clinic or visit our Medina, Ohio, location.

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