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Toxic Metal Blood Testing

Heavy Metal Blood TestHeavy metals, like lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium, are found naturally in the environment, as well as in the foods, medicines and water you consume. Unfortunately, the presence of these toxic metals in the body can lead to serious issues, such as organ damage, and increase your cancer risk. At Balance of Life Clinic, we perform heavy metal toxicity tests to determine the amount of toxins in your body. Based on the results, we’ll tailor a treatment plan using natural therapies to help reverse and prevent the effects of heavy metal poisoning.

About the Heavy Metal Toxicity Blood Test

If you’ve been exposed to certain metals, a heavy metal toxicity test can be used to determine how much of a given metal is currently in your tissues. A  test may be ordered if you experience any symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, such as:

  • delay in development,
  • learning difficulties,
  • irritability,
  • loss of appetite,
  • abdomen pain,
  • increased blood pressure,
  • muscle and joint pain.

if you don’t have symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, a heavy metal toxicity test can tell you if you’re unknowingly exposing yourself to low levels of toxins on a daily basis. For instance, eating high-mercury seafood, such as canned tuna, or working in a factory that uses heavy metals can put your body at risk for a number of conditions brought on by regular exposure to toxic metals.

Heavy Metal Toxicity Tests at Balance of Life Clinic

Because toxins absorb into the tissues quickly, a toxic metal blood test can only reveal the number of toxins currently in your blood – not in your entire body. That’s why we offer alternative heavy metal toxicity tests, including hair tests and urine tests, to get a closer look at all the toxins present in your body. With this deeper knowledge, we create a personalized treatment plan aimed at removing heavy metals and putting you back on the right path toward a healthy life.

To schedule an appointment for heavy metal toxicity testing, contact the Balance of Life Clinic today.

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