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Maybe Winnie the Pooh Was on to Something?

By: Clifford M. Sonnie, M.D., M.P.H.

Without question, two of my favorite food toppings are honey and cinnamon. When I die, just smother me in that and throw me in the ground, because I will be a happy camper. I first remember my grandmother making all kinds of concoctions with honey and cinnamon. In fact, my brother and I used to eat that instead of all the candy...


By: Clifford Sonnie, M.D., M.P.H.

I hear this time and again in my clinic so I thought I’d write a bit about the thyroid. It is an endocrine organ (it makes hormones) in your neck. It has two lobes located on each side of the lower part of the neck and a piece of tissue connecting the two together. It collects iodine and forms a thyroid hormone. I’ll get into the...


By: Clifford M. Sonnie, M.D., M.P.H.

Ask anyone who has been to my clinic and they will tell you that I consider the GI tract and the Liver as the two most important organs in your body. If they don’t work, nothing works. Everyone at one time or another will be asked to do a liver cleanse. Now there are a bunch of them out there and I am sure “practitioners” will...

IBS Made Easy

By: Clifford M. Sonnie, M.D.

Today I’d like to talk about irritable bowel syndrome. I can’t tell you how many people have come into the office labeled with this condition. It is a very common condition in the United States. Statistics show 1 out of every 10 Americans has symptoms of IBS. In fact, it is the second highest cause of days lost from work after the common...



I subscribe to a lot of medical journals. I was catching up on my reading this past weekend and something struck me. In almost every article some practitioner is touting that such and such herb or vitamin or whatever helped a certain condition. Well what hit me is that when you read the whole article, all of them say the same thing....

Leptin: New Fat Hormone? Not so fast!

By: Clifford Sonnie, M.D., M.P.H.

There is a new hormone that is slowly making its way into the newspapers and talk shows. It is not really new but its role is being slowly revealed. The problem is, as I have seen in the past, once something is even hinted at being the cause of or help for some health condition, too many people and practitioners jump prematurely onto...


By: Clifford Sonnie, M.D.

I was channel surfing this past weekend and I was amazed with the number of infomercials that were about woman’s hormones and menopause. Just look at any magazine and the ads are everywhere. I however did not see one ad about andropause aka “men’s menopause” (the singular is manopause, sorry bad joke). I was curious about this. Even...


By: Clifford Sonnie, M.D., M.P.H.

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on the importance of magnesium in osteoporosis and overall bone health. I promised to expand on this a bit so here goes. If you remember, I had mentioned that calcium is essentially an excitation mineral found mainly in the circulating blood and magnesium is a relaxation mineral found mainly inside the...

More Than A Stress Buster!!

By: Clifford M. Sonnie, M.D., M.P.H.

Massotherapy, also known as massage therapy, is and has been recommended by me for a long time. For everything from athletic injuries to musculoskeletal and nerve issues, massage is an efficient and effective remedy. Well, that is what I have always mentioned to patients but didn’t realize exactly what was being done in the field....

Nutrients: What Do They Do and What are They In (Part II)

B: Clifford Sonnie, M.D.

Last week we started to list a number of vitamins needed in the body and where you find them in your diet. This week I am going to continue to list vitamins and several minerals. Remember this list is by no means complete and if a vitamin or mineral has been omitted or forgotten I in no way meant to trivialize it or insult it. Just didn’t have...

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